Morrocan vibes

I was so excited to book a trip to Morocco recently, after seeing and hearing so much about it I visited for five days in November, I’ve put together some highlights! All videos and pictures are my own 🕌

Jemaa el fna

The famous market square is located in the medina quarter, this is full of snake charmers, horse and carriage rides and market stalls! I visited in both the daytime and the evening, although in the evening it rained and the market stalls were shut up in a matter of minutes! A word of warning: I think you have to be prepared for the locals to try and either put snakes round your neck or henna or your hand if you are a woman, and then have payment demanded! Street food is also popular here in the evening although I didn’t try any of this

Koutoubia Mosque 🕌

This is another famous attraction in Marrakech, although I didn’t visit this mosque I did a tour in a horse and carriage which passed a lot of the landmarks, I would recommend this on the first day to get a feel of where everything is and what attractions you want to investigate while you are there!

Roof top restaurants

After visiting a rooftop restaurant in the market square for dinner, called NOMAD, I wasn’t disappointed! I would highly recommend a rooftop restaurant, and this one had a lovely setting with great food, the waiters also offered me a blanket in the evening incase I was cold! Side note: this restaurant did not serve alcohol to my dismay

Saadian Tombs

After wondering in after following a group of strangers we found the Saadian Tombs! I can say this famous burial ground is a big attraction due to the large number of people we followed in there, when we had no real idea of where we were going! This is set in an open garden with windows and viewing points into the tombs areas

There are plenty more attractions to visit and this is depending on the length of your stay! Although it could be done in a weekend I would advise longer as it took us two hours just to get through passport control on arrival! Choosing a hotel close to the centre with a free shuttle is a good idea, I stayed in Iberostar Marrakech and would highly recommend


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