Travel Thailand with allergies

It can be done! Had my first Thai green curry too!

I am always concerned eating in foreign countries and this is one of my main concerns, this can’t just be me that feels this way so I made a list of where I have been! Although this is based on nut allergies, the same applies for any dietary requirement. I am going to share with you where I ate and my personal favourites!

As a disclaimer every restaurant I came across was cooking dishes with nut ingredients and these will be present in the kitchen, although you can ask for your food to be cooked seperately please keep this in mind!

Phi Phi Don Restaurant

This restaurant gets 11/10 and here is why! Located on Phi Phi Don this is often the restaurant you will visit if you do the Phi Phi island excursion, and buffet style lunch is included here. I couldn’t eat from the buffet as the options included nuts and the tour guide did not make any effort to help me when I asked her. I took my translation card to the waitress instead and I was taken to the chef, with the added help of google translate I was cooked a fresh seperate dish then and there!

Terrazzo ristorante bar (Part of Holiday Inn)- Patong Phuket

10/10! This really impressed me as the menu comes with allergen symbols next to each dish and is very clear, there is a large selection of Thai and English food and I had my first ever Thai green curry here! The restaurant is part of the Holiday Inn and from what I saw the hotel looked lovely and much different from what I expect when I think Holiday Inn, I would stay there if I went back, take a look if you are interested! I went back to the restaurant multiple times and can confirm the food is great!



Hooters Phuket Patong

8/10 Yes they have a hooters! I won’t over explain this too much as the menu is standard, the cocktails are also great and I tried the sharing fish bowl which I can recommend.


Aussie Bar Phuket Patong- Bangla Road

7/10 Situated on the wild Bangla road here you can enjoy a burger while soaking up the atomosphere in the center of it all. And when I say soaking up the atmosphere on Bangla road expect to be offered multiple times to see a ‘ping pong show’. I am giving this 7/10 because its surrounded by nightlife, the food was good and the waitress I had read the translation card carefully and went back to check with the chef. You will be paying more for drinks in this area as it is the center of nightlife.

The Place Phuket Patong

7/10 Amazing pizzas cooked in a pizza oven, this has a nice terrace and is near Patong beach, look out for the restaurant symbol below.


Ark Bar- Koh Samui

7/10 I stayed at this Hotel and loved it! Anyone can go to the restaurant and it is situated on the beachfront, there are pool parties too with the hotel DJ so its a good atmosphere! Options include traditional Thai food and English food including english breakfast! The staff speak good english for you to enquire about any dishes.


Must read- Top tip

The elephant jungle sanctuary in Phuket includes a buffet lunch, there are nuts in the dishes and they were not confident for me to eat anything other than a couple of slices of watermelon, I would advise bringing snacks as this is a half day and they will not provide you with any alternative for lunchtime. The elephant jungle sanctuary is incredible though, even if I was hungry! Don’t let this deter you!


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