Master the flight- flying with an allergy

As an adult living with this for 18 years now I feel like I know the drill, but new things pop up along the way (see point 6) so I thought I would share my top tips

1.Have your paperwork

Get a doctors note for your medication, my hand luggage is always stopped in baggage control due to epi-pens, and although it is clear what these are its best to be prepared.

2. Declare your medication

Prior to a small internal flight I was told off at the baggage control, for not especially notifying the airline of my Epi-pens. I have only come across this with one airline I was using, I had to wait while they took the Epi-pens and discussed with further security before writing this onto my boarding pass, something to keep in mind.

3. Inflight meal

Request a separate meal on booking your flight! One of the most important things I did was contact Thai airways regarding a nut free meal, it was the best thing I did as the main meal option was peanut curry! I’d like to highlight if you are going to Asia this is highly likely to be served on the flight as it is a popular and traditional dish.

4. Snacks

Based on the severity of your allergy determine if you need to request the airline not to serve your allergen to others which will be a different procedure to just requesting an allergen free/nut free meal. For me I am allergic only if I eat the allergen however some people have reactions on inhalation and many flights are still serving peanuts. If you are allergic on inhalation I would go as far to check the policy with the airline in question before you book, to avoids issues on the day. Easyjet were very good short haul and from my knowledge have both provided and announcement and not served nuts if you request prior.


Prepare a translation card and carry this in your hand luggage, I will write an article on the one I have previously used and was a success. Personally I don’t have other items such as medic alert bracelets, although it is clear to me I feel for travelling in some countries this isn’t widely used, which would typically be when I need it!

6. Choose your seat!

When flying with Thai Airways I was in the aisle seat. They provided my nut free meal first and then brought over the normal meals, this resulted in other peoples’ peanut curry being passed over my food (mortifying) this made me feel uncomfortable, what if there were spillages!

Stitch GIF

This was something I have never encountered before. For this reason next time I would say the window seat is the safest option.

Let me know what you think!


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